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Hawaii is our specialty. Let us put you on a Hawaiian Island beach! As a bonus, we’ll send you a series of newsletters prior to your travel. These newsletters give hints on the best eating, shopping and activities to enjoy in our 50th state.


We have never received a poor review on an Alaskan Adventure. Alaskan cruises are fantastic, but you shouldn’t forget about all the great sights you will find inland. Combine both for a fantastic trip.

Mainland US

The 48 mainland states provide a variety of great travel destinations. Disney destinations are very popular, but so are the beaches of Florida. There are so many great destinations and you never have to fly over an ocean to get there.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very special destination. Vegas can offer about anything you want from anywhere in the world. There’s plenty of entertainment for everyone. You can propose on a gondola on one of the canals of Venice, see the Pyramids of Egypt or be amazed at the Eiffel Tower. Gambling, shows, and plenty of entertainment. What happens in Vegas…


Europe has so many venues, it is hard to mention them all. From bicycling adventures to river cruises, Europe is open to everyone. From the Ruins in Rome to the beer gardens of Munich, only your imagination limits you.