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When the Nets Came Down from Brenda

Brenda Florian was a sophomore in high school with nothing more than sports, school and all the things’ teenagers crave. In less than a month, it all came crashing down as her leg was amputated to stop the spread of cancer. Her bravery inspired a basketball team to championships, and they put her in the middle of it.

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Two Tales of Perfection

The first championship came in 1958 in the tiny village of Clatonia, Nebraska. It took 25 years to repeat itself. The 1958 and 1983 basketball teams have so many parallels. The author was in the middle of both of them.

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If You Didn’t See It In the Sun

This is mostly fiction of a young man in a small town in Nebraska that takes you through one memorable year. The facts in the novel are historically correct, including the weather. The crazy events that happened in 1962 are so blown up, it could only be fiction.

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I’m Not Irish

Wilson Fitzpatrick surely isn’t Irish as he always told his students the first day of classes. In 1960, he was about the only African American in Southeast Nebraska. His past led him to this crossroads in his life. The next five years had a profound effect on the students he taught.

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Chuck It Up (Coming Soon)

The soon to be released fifth book is about the sport that shaped the author’s life, basketball. Get a perspective of basketball from a coach that never claimed to have a great mind for the game but seemed to win games anyway.